Furniture Layout Tricks for your Living Room

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Furniture layout tricks for your living room

Once in a while, one of the most difficult things in decorating our house is like positioning or repositioning items and furniture we already have. Positioning your furniture in an environment can affect your comfort, space, and functionality. Being creative at the time of tinkering in your room’s layout can do miracles! So here are some examples that show how to swap the place of your room’s furniture will change an entirely new air for your decoration.

how to arrange furniture in a small living room
how to arrange furniture in a small living room

It is worth remembering that you can preserve your back and test virtually this exchange of layout in your room. There is a multitude of more janky shows online that help you in this task. This one from the Pottery Barn site is pretty cool! If you need it, you can switch to the metric system in a window in the upper right corner, okay? This tool is cool because it allows you to change the layout countless times until you have 100% certainty.

You don’t like these online programs and you prefer to do the old-fashioned way? Use checkered paper to draw your plant, cut your furniture into small pieces of paper and go until you’re happy with the new layout!

Start by eliminating all items that are small and concentrate on the larger parts such as sofas, armchairs and etc. Then you leave the space free because it helps you see better where each mobile fits or you can stay. As they are the biggest furniture, they are probably the key parts and most important, so they need to stay in a pretty cool place.

After finding a place for the key furniture, bring the smaller pieces one by one, fitting them into their proper spaces. This method is usually fairly effective, especially if the scale of your drawing is correct. The following image is an example of a very traditional room, with furniture leaning on the walls, but also with another type of disposition, divided into two environments, using the only furniture to make this division. Wasn’t that much more interesting?

how to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room
how to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room

You can also try to dispose of the furniture on the diagonal, why not? Depending on the size of your room, it may be an option at least interesting. If you don’t make out, it’s okay. Go change until you find a layout that suits you visually. Remember to consider the spaces of circulation and objects such as the TV or fireplace, which are already installed in their proper seats.

Is the room still dull? See how it is possible, in the following example, to create much friendlier areas of conviviality.

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Finally, it’s not because one thing has always been in a way that you need to keep it that way. Sometimes, you don’t even need all that furniture crammed into your room or, who knows, that armchair from your room, which only serves to put clothes on top, can earn a special reading space inside your living room.

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